Monsieur Minimal – High Times

Greek Pop esthete returns with 12 fresh “High Times” and adhesive Pop melodies. Each one with its own different story reflecting the six years of life of popular artist in Athens. The “High Times” album comes in all record stores and digital stores from Mo.Mi. Records with distribution from Feelgood Records for Greece and Cyprus, the Orchard for the rest of the world and the sponsorship of health food products Wish.

“High Times” opened with an excellent way with the music video for “Never Give it up” song which was filmed in London by Mario Ermitikos. A symbolic video hymn to the human species and diversity.

At High Times o Monsieur Minimal works with unique affection with the children’s choir of Spyros Lambrou catapulting his dream pop mood to the tracks “The joy of love” and “Stars”, while his collaboration once again with Hiras, the “Youth” and “Hungry” give an indie dance dimension to the album. Also the well known “Summer lovers” and “My world is you” are present. The track “High Times” is also the most characteristic moment of the Advanced Pop of Monsieur Minimal, while “Gaidadelic” is an absolute dark journey into the most psychedelic and electodarkwave time of the album. The album closes with a strong electronica mood with the “Electric India”, “the Nights we were dancing” and a hidden track by Monsieur Minimal and Spinnet.


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